I was a once-upon-a-time child, calling upon the environment for meaningful interaction. I realized forty years ago what is “real” is only my interpretation…that people understand what they will to; that I am likely not thus enlightened.

I learned early to depend on others was less valid to me than depending upon myself.

My life has been the vision quest to release this viewpoint. I wish to be in the sea itself, not that individual drop the gurus say I am. And my life as I live it is “how that’s working for me.”

The Writings are exercises of viewpoints manifesting through language. I do hope you enjoy them, that they bring you the most valuable of learnings: New Thoughts. Often they pass through me…a conduit or highway of language which often surprises even me. How excellent to be one’s own teacher!

I love comments & returning ideas.

Many thanks for reading on.

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