Doing Homework on the Boardwalk

I was editing a book this afternoon at my favorite Library branch, Fruitville. I commandeered a table with great light & plenty of room to move around the puzzle pieces of the job. I muttered & exclaimed & made faces at typos, verbs, dashes vs. hyphens. I followed the clear & emphatic almost engraved lead of a crazed editor who drew circles, lines, exclamation points, in red, blue & finally, invisible black in blazoning letters.

Most of the time I agreed & cleaned up after her suggestions. But I found an equal number of errors in tense, pronoun usage & the like to belie her expensive corrections for my homespun hyphenations. And Google made great suggestions, I’m not happy to say cuz I want to be the heroine here. No AI, just I.

The day was an amalgam of emotions & feelings. I sat mid-aisle; all around me women tiptoed, gazing down aisles to ascertain what could be good on these before crouching down to read the titles. I just took books from the return racks. Somebody thought it was good enough to take out & read. l’ll try it next. I found five books & a CD on Flat Earth.

Tomorrow it begins again, another week of traction & balance-finding. Riding a calendar & a desk chair to efficiency & follow-through. After Sunday’s frenetic activity, Mondays are a day off. One thing only to prepare & that may take all day of itself. I never know.

I am waiting for a different life to begin. I am waiting for “my own kitchen” where I can change up my diet from the exotica of whatever I want cuz I’m eating out again. I want different & steadier foods – the kind of stuff I’ve lived on in NM & know well how to prep. More rice, though, and more vegetables. I’ll be living with a Vegan. I want to learn.

Last night I attended a Shamanic Meditation Journey with which I was too tired to raise up the energy needed to have it be more than it was to me. I worked a long week. I had just finished up at 5 when I wanted to be done by noon & then review. I ate more hyper food & sat in a hard chair for two hours after being upright for a week. It was too much for my tired body. I only hope I didn’t snore.

So I end today on the computer where I’ve mostly been. My new boss said don’t be sending emails about work at 3 a.m., if I have to be up, write my own stuff.



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