A Realization

Readings no longer provide me with much information. All paths are now open to me. With none contraindicated, I am able to make good on any one of these. I recognize & organize all powers to my good.

The incoming storm pulled me into the reading at which I realized this. I always hope for good guidance & now understand all I’m doing is sorting through street signs when I already know where I am & the way to go. These only await the doing to achieve the imprimatur of reality. My reality is no one else’s: imagine this! In a world of billions, no one else lives my life with my emotional signature or ideas! No one speaks my words nor understands in the same way as I do.

My taste receptors have changed, that tells me to eat less. I used to eat with a kind of desperation, with the idea my best satisfaction came from that activity. What was I attempting to recapture? Where else can I achieve satiety? It is the memory of another me – the former me – the distractive & unknowing me of yesterday. (I notice I largely remember to whom I’ve told my stories, while listening to those of others ad infinitum. It’s pushing a button: one word releases their tape to recite the speech I have heard before. I realize I am given what I asked for – New Thoughts! I am not shackled to my stories anymore. I can discriminate as to what needs to be heard so I know what is to be shared. If every word makes an impression, why dig the groove that takes me back to that nonproductive mindset from which I repeat the fight to be free?

This recent reading does tell me it is time to enact. There’s the place where my energy will grow into that in which others wish to participate. Each written word is a presage to speaking it.

It’s close. I can feel it. I can taste it in the Now.

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