Above: If grass can grow through cement, love can find you!

So have faith in what you do. You agreed to be where you are. You shouldered what you are doing. Keep your eyes on the future, know that it exists, hold the space for it to happen gracefully & in its own time. Be a child, link your hands with those of the ascended beings who chose you, in all the world, to work with. Honor their trust & enlighten your world with the light they shine on you alone. Even if you have an audience of one & it is yourself, feel your work to be of such worth that the world will never see the like again.

Find your joy & swim around in it, get all wet’n’wild with it; never let it go. Bend time to your will for it is indeed malleable & willing to become the basket in which you place your most valued possessions. Volunteers don’t get to choose. Theirs is only to DO.

You are not of this planet; stop trying to think you can be an earthling. Accept who you are, faults, flaws, perfections & transcendences all together. Know that whoever sees your work benefits from it. If you are faithful to that which is your joy, if you remove ego from it, if you treat each speck of energy as tho it lights the torch the world will see by, you do it rightly.

Have the faith & trust in what you do – both your Lightworker duties and your Worldly ones. When you simply “Know That,” you pave the way for all to happen in the future. It may not be happening in this timeline. You may be fueling another, or setting up a future incarnation when you’ll be the one everyone looks to.

Love yourself, darlin’, it could be so different. Once you relax & stop two-stepping, you’ll make more steady forward progress. I know this to be true. I know pigs can’t fly, I know I don’t like flying very much, I know heights make me uncomfortable, but I also know with the same breath that I am a sylph in a peasant’s sturdy worker body, that I do fly every time I make a wish or see a star, that I love nothing more than to see out over the world and breathe it in/out as no one has ever done before.

Dear & Beloved friend, child, awesome worker of Light, I am holding you, I am holding onto you, I am breathing you. When you cannot find your way out of the tangle, I am busily clearing the path.

With all my love,



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