In writing to another one day, I typed the above instead of the word “Sacredness”.  I thought of how appropos the word turned out to be – since this is what it seems the world has turned into .

I read the many ideas available around the programming of humankind & these make me wonder why we are so suggestible. I believe myself fortunate not to have subscribed to ideas which dim my personal power base. I was not subjected to the standard battery of vaccines or the pharmaceutical cornucopia so readily jammed upon Americans. I had mostly excellent nutrition along the way. I quit the world in my 40’s to learn how to care for myself physically, figuring this to be a salient halfway point.

And tho I joke much about my weight, this overdraft of adipose is, in fact, my only brush with medical mortality & has caused angst which I consciously choose to no longer lend any energy to. I take up as much space as is available for me…joyously now. It has become part of my humor – as though my body is not just a skinsuit, but a source of endless amusement as well.

But sacred mess is the state of most of the world. My donning blinkers to it may work to my advantage in that I lend no energy to the darkness which (many would have it) threatens each of us.

I read very long ago that if I do not put my attention into a situation, the power of such is lessened. This made sense to me & I have attempted to practice it since.

Today I tried to talk to the leasing company which holds the lease on a Clover credit card unit I set up when I started my business at the gym. The customer “service” rep, Gina, continued talking over me even as I tried to present my side of the story. She allowed as how my account is in collections (although I have made ongoing monthly payments after discontinuing the checking account they auto-withdrew from.) She talked over the idea that my three emails & two letters asking that they not tap a closed account for payments, telling me there are late charges galore since I did not pay. Somehow the fact that I did pay & have continued paying counted for far less than their late charges as one of my checks was deposited the day after the due date. I found it interesting talking in concert with her. I’ve never had someone simply talk over me for eight straight minutes as I tried to find out just what happened to the monthly payments made if I was overdue so many months. The phrase “junkyard dogs” comes to mind. What has happened to bring about this total breakdown in the concept of service or the honoring of intent to set up a positive outcome for both involved? Sacred-mess.

So I am browbeaten into making payments I do not owe. I have been unable to determine if they received the unit I returned, even, since no one will answer this either. I think they are salivating over the chance to collect another fee by saying I have not. And every attempt will be made to trash my hard-won credit score in the end. But, see? This phrasing participates in the idea there will not be a happy ending…just what I do not wish to lend energy to. All this brouhaha over $31.58 per month.

Do I jump in these waters & thrash around? Do I pay the late fees just to keep out of “collections”? Probably. Because peace for under $50 seems a bargain. The real question becomes, do I let this scenario suck my energy into their dark hole of greed, dishonesty & unpleasantness? I think I’ll just work it into my little comedy routine of a life. My high opinion of me as honest, hard-working, kind-to-strangers-children-animals must hold in the face of this societal impairment called greed. The oily grins offered when they “cut the deal” back when have slid off their faces, creating slippery grounds for resolution.

Where’s your sacredmess? As ACIM says, “what is stealing your peace today”? I’m here to be a piping voice for balance & understanding, for communication & tolerance in the face of crazed snarling coming over the boundary fence. This is the City Hall we have forfeited the fight to. Their morals will never match mine – but the system is set up to bite first even when the hand of conciliation is offered. None of us can “afford” risking our credit score – our good opinion of what we attempt in righteousness to do – against this kind of rabid idiocy.

Brother, can you spare a dime?


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