Not Too Wordy – Just Some Ideas

I’ve lived most of my life between my ears. And much of that life has been lived between the covers of a book. As a child, I rode The Black Stallion with Walter Farley’s Alex for years. I hunted clues with Nancy Drew and the Bobbsey Twins. In the past couple of decades, I’ve befriended Jack Reacher, Bob Lee Swagger, Kinsey Milhone, Claire Randall, Diana Bishop, Sheriff Longmire and so many others. I read so much, I finally wrote my own book to contribute to the effort. Riding The Light was published in 2013 & Amazon still seems to be carrying it.

The thing about being an author is people read a whole lot faster than authors write! Storytelling resides in an altered state where nothing else plays in. It takes hours of focus & maintaining a “voice.” So if the story isn’t telling itself, there does not seem to me to be a way to coax it out. Force is definitely out of the question.

Many stories have begun telling themselves to me, but wandered off somewhere after a few pages. Once I got to eight chapters of a tale before the characters abruptly dispersed to other sections of the universe. I set out treats, played soft music & kept pens with paper handy all over the house…to no avail.

Creativity rises from a fountainhead which is subject to inexplicably low tides. I can scuff along the beach & pick up the tracks of where it has been, but it’s difficult to call it in on the ebbtide.

So when life gets to me, or so-called friends get at me, or dull routine buries me in the sand, I reach for pen/paper & get busy. It seems I can live life one-handed if I need to. Words are the one true truth to love for me…so glad you’re enjoying these alongside!


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