Dancin’ with my shadow

Dancing with my shadow

Down the middle of the street

With my headphones as antennae

And that Pentatonix beat

Tagged by madness, yes, and music

And my shadow twelve foot tall

All the drivers checking mirrors

Other walkers at a crawl

But I just can’t help it, darlin!

Wish that you could hear it too!

Cuz if this beat all grabbed your feet

Your arms would feel it, too…

So, if you see me on the corner

To the left or to the right

I’m just dancin’ with my shadow

N I may be here all night!

4 thoughts on “Dancin’ with my shadow

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  1. Very catchy! And I do love Pentatonix, especially their rendition oh the Hallelujah which I try to listen to almost every morning to start my day.


    1. It just struck me funny, Matthew – I walk each morning at sunup, when the shadows are sooooo tall. N I’m 5’2 (sans shrinkage which I totally refuse to admit)… And this long gray shadow stretches in front of me when I turn to home. I look like a total alien in profile – I carry handweights & occasionally listen to Pandora stations on headphones. I’d discovered Pentatonix & other really good a capella music, & was grooving along. All the chihuahuas in town barking crazily at me; but they do that when I just pant on uphill… So glad you found some fun with the “pome”
      You might like my entry on “Tech” & on my ineptness with tools:: “The Great Tag-Cutting Caper (Or, What Has It Got In Its Toolbox?)” Hope you enjoy the humor – it’s kind of snarky to self – but hey, gotta laugh it off & muckle on.
      Best to ya, friend. Wave at the landscape for me – I’ve loved seeing so much during my travels this life.


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