In the Sights

They’ve got me now. Yesterday I fell again. I didn’t say anything to anyone: no one saw me tumble, tripping over the step at Ingo’s stage as I looked at something draped across a chair. I looked away for half a moment.

I am about to begin my Lightworker status. I need to guard myself much more than I have only flirted with before this now. I must do my moving meditations (my meds! / my media) with purpose & solidity, every day & continue them in my mind all day. I need that buffering shield at a time when all I wish to do is grow outward into the world. I’ve kept a low profile, but they can psych me at anywhere & have a vigilance level I care not to live at. The light comes on, I register on their board, & they reach around my shields to swipe me.

In split-second timing, Spirit has already moved me, tossed an angel wing between me & landing. I am placed elsewhere, out of harm’s way. And Harm has nothing in it for me, after all, I wouldn’t think. Just carrying out some kind of program. Running the mazes. Needs to be repurposed.

I have signed affidavits for the Confessional, I’m so clean. Right fire toe, right elbow area, bounced up off my front as my boobs provide a cushion. A little bit about left knee (are you kidding?) I am being brought into some alignment by both sides…by that I mean my ‘good side’ has no qualms about moving into heightened territory if it can be logged as a viable shortcut. I have asked my right arm, no matter what, continue to write.

There is no holdback: there’s no other direction anymore than forward. The need for lateral moves releases by ones & twos. I continue to presume upon Eternity. I agreed to this unlikely path, wandering through the dunes of life, finding it to be on purpose after all. Now I bring shields up. Now I pour on Grace like no tomorrow will ever come. The more I use, the more I HAVE. The more I Am.

There isn’t even time for pain to slow me. I will have healing by dial it up notch by notch again. “I’m ready” sings the voice on the radio all through this entry. I got news, Spirit says you’re ready, there’s no holding back. This is what I came in for.

I’m letting go of the narrative there is good & bad because it’s so mixed in right now I am not sure of that. What I put my faith in is events on their own time can land hard or soft, but land they will & often at the strangest times. I asked for the comet to land.

No one will make me guilty anymore. Everyone proceeds “as if.” Life here is conditional, it’s the ‘and limb’ part that concerns me at this age.

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  1. You go, Girl!


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