Thou Shalt Not Judge

But I do & do it all the time. My mind is like a Venus Flytrap, snapping at a pheromone here & there for food, for nourishment, of course. The words keep moving around in this cosmic shell game of choosing one, when the words no longer have impetus & meaning & are also in dire need of nourishment. I can feel my mind closing down with that same “Snap!” on this thought or that one.

Then I manage to get a hand in & pry the jaws open to check what it is I’ve just ingested. It isn’t always what I thought at first & sometimes better.

Everyone judges except those who’ve mastered the kind of Flow which stays even & uninterrupted by phenomena. Hey, I’ve had lots of lifetimes where I lived it out in safety & fullness. Late in life in other lifetimes, I was “hied” to a nunnery & it was peaceful after the tumult of running a household, husband, hounds & have-nots of yore. How is this life different if it ends the same as others, in contemplation, prayer, source-connections & observation? Has that always been the netted goal? It seems to be taking on the force of a heading.

This is a circumstance I am bringing about now that I’ve settled busy-bee-mind upon it, kind of telescoping the pole dangling that carrot… it’s closer now & more defined, this goal: life gets to a point where what’s best to do is just pray for it. I perceive prayer as the up & coming Tech still mostly undiscovered although we’ve sure heard a lot about it. Like that famous profile of Tesla, his iconic thoughtful pose, it’s been around for the ever part of forever & we are now being urged to get to know it more closely. Have you ever wondered why there’s just one rendering of that man? Not one company shot with ten lab-coated figures standing behind? Not one of him in front of that century’s equivalent of a whiteboard? No reporters on the steps asking how his interview with Mr. Morgan went, no microphones. Just universal energy. Nothing to see here.


Like Prayer, to sit again in a room looking out

as rain spends itself furiously against my windows

to watch the light change & blur, to see the world greening visibly

healing with every drop.

to contemplate – not complicate -this world again,

moving heaven & earth, finding one beyond the other

while still strong enough to do so.

I can hardly imagine a whole day of rain.

~Carol Borsello

3 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Not Judge

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  1. Oh, but I do, to my great discredit. It’s a habit I find hard to break, even though it limits my enjoyment of life.


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