In the Beginning: Crossroads

That place I cannot now remember where all was potential & possibility. That place shining white without stain of experience. In this intersection of time equaling space I choose past & future. I look at the nexus of divine being human.

From here, the lines radiate, presuming pathways. They lap the choices made & yet to be. Alternately flashing “future” & “past” their lights splash inside my soul, balanced in attraction while offering distraction & a yearning which travels both directions.

There are only two roads out from this infinity nexus. They look smooth but I’ll need mile league boots to navigate. And the GPS I follow becomes God’s Potential Service. From here, the paths proliferate & overlap: what is & what is to be, what can be & what’s next. As their signs alternately flash “past!” “future!” I understand their balanced perspective. A bit of this & that levels me out & I progress.

There is only entropy & syntropy. Falling away always involves growth. Infinity hums along, its catchy tune bouncing my steps. Choices appear as signs – innocence this way, knowledge that. The guardrail is the adamantine flow of time. I have no way to leave this road.

Where I go from here is unimportant when stacked against actual movement. After all, movement is a Sign of Life, molecules dance their atomic blueprints, stem cells blast toward more growth with innovation & grace.

Held high in the jaws of Fate, I am helpless if my feet do not touch the ground. I am given a [sometimes] fatal shaking, emerging again from my navel to separate between control & consent with a wet “pop!” A tiny paw of awakening stirs to stretch, feeling what I cannot yet see.

Awakened, I walk on.

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