The biggest distraction of all is stuff, especially the bigger, better, faster, more stuff. I understand that we need things….a coffeemaker, a car. Obviously, we must wear clothing & shoes. Even with shoes for walking we need a car to get anywhere outside of the immediate surroundings. To leave the village is an accomplishment of no meager portent. If the village cannot support us comfortably, if that bugbite of travel needs to be scratched so the itchy fluid spreads through our systems, we go, simply to assuage it. The comfort zone becomes more comfortable in the rearview mirror instead of the windshield.

Spending a life accumulating stuff is worthwhile until it no longer rewards but impinges. I have done the mostly impossible for so many: once again sold off or given away 95% of mine. Wherever I go, I will again begin gathering more. What I leave behind will be received or purchased & circulated. My bits of energy & DNA move into another household to affect the individual who needed more. I am become that “more” as a means of showing self-love. However, my “less” is my way of showing self-love. Can you follow that?

Stuff is convenient. I love having a washer/dryer, yet some very intriguing interactions for me have happened in laundromats. I’m sure there were great conversations taking place on the banks of rivers everywhere as folk slapped fabrics against rocks in that vain attempt to remove the stuff we didn’t want to carry along. I cannot carry these appliances off in my car on a journey, so I trust in rivers & rocks.

With all that I acquire comes obligation such as the need for cleanliness with every bit, or at least the need for some tampering. Food needs to be cooked, households need to be tended…my words need to go out into the world carrying observations & insights, entertainment & exposition. Perhaps these will influence enough perceptions to even end the need for stuff! Hmm, not likely, but valid.

I let it all go once the decision is made to do so. I hang up the phone where I’ve made plans to travel, looking around & an immediate fierce need to be free of everything arises. Then I can get different stuff!

O Lord, spare me from this need. Bring me austerity & understanding that a coffeemaker cannot burble enlightenment, but the ritual of making it, sipping it, the enlightenment of enjoying it, can bring me to a stillness where I can perceive a glimpse of it out there.

Putting on my shoes urges me to walk on in discovery. The car beckons departures & arrivals both to new destinations & familiar. For example,  how many times have I returned from the desert to the ocean & the reverse?

Some are rich enough to assure their stuff can remain in place while they come & go. I need to turn it out for pennies on my dollars to lighten the needs for this living journey wherein I gather my being for expression, spinning value from experience. I cannot keep two households, so I invest in only the one where I am in the moment.

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to live my best life not in a sole focus of getting. It is to find that extreme of balance where I have enough, need little more & can divest investments with clarity & ease. My asset base is in thinking, spending my wealth is the means of this word exchange: I write while you read. I spin a whole cloth of perception for your expenditure (or keeping.)

May heaven bless these connudra. May my balance stay intact or at least keep up a flow attempting that. For as long as I need a coffeemaker to spin tales, may the “sins” requiring this acquisition be forgiven so long as it births inspiration & excellence for myself & others.

May my ideas be blessing, illumination, expressions of the divinity which seeks the more of new vistas, the inspiration of other environments. May my thoughts entwine & urge, soothe & offer whatever is ‘needed’ to my readers for whom the weave of these is that whole cloth I talked about above & perhaps the nourishment of their souls.

The original seeking for me has always been God. I return again & again to the release of what is for what will be next. For me, it has always been the journey & not so much the arrival.

I follow a plan I didn’t even know I’d made & perhaps I did not. I’m a minion, bringing about the will of Creation with every article, participle, verb & noun.

Read on my friends, share this difference, this refinement of offering with me! Have fun here…learn, hopefully marvel, consider & share as I have with you.

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