A Birthday of Blessing

Being fully human: I am fully divine.

I am based in blessing

Rooted in divinity

Wrought in the free will of Self

Ablaze at times with the incandescence of a life well-lived

My joys are a playground of opportunities

The games they engender

Call through my windows

The call to prayer is also the call to play.

We are celebrants to Mystery

Dabblers in proven technology of partnership with God

Wanderers across trackless land

   Wrinkled sea

Our journeys return us, as always, to Heaven

The God Who sent me sends this storm

Spending me as profligate coin

Emotions discovered / recovered to Thee return

On that investment.

Bring me forth again, O Lord?

Take me into the marketplace of Your love

Use me to indulge Your desires

Circulate me in Your world: I wear Your fingerprints

I invest all wisdoms saved up from Love

Treasures indeed of a holy gathering

Help, health, insight & interest…

Pocket me with pleasure, God,

The shining copper penny, the one among the many

Allow my return over & over

As the bearing of Your spiritual tender

I am Yours alone until I rejoin the All

Here I am, Lord of Love


3 thoughts on “A Birthday of Blessing

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  1. Yea, Carol. Yes, you have brought a cornucopia of carefully crafted words to this realm during your visit here. But I suspect your journey won’t end this weekend. It appears you’ll get lots of rain, but the radar I just saw seems to show the storm is splitting up somewhat, with the east side dissipating and the west side moving north and possibly veering toward the Gulf. Lots of people all over America (and probably far beyond) are lending their energy toward moving Ian away from humanity. We don’t accept the verdict of a Cat 4 storm decimating Florida. This will definitely be a birthday to remember. My blessings to you on your soggy, soggy day. Roll with the waves into a better day ahead. Charles


    1. Thanks so much, Lis! I’ve been having one every year -you’d think I’d be used to them by now, right? 🙂 Have been thinking about you here & there, now being back near a beach. Helping out at Unity of Sarasota is a joy for me. Be well – love – C


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