It Only Takes a Moment

to make a memory

one visit & your voice seems printed on the walls

You face is in my mirror

Your breath upon my air

Your song lingers

in hearing

or were you always here

from when I said aloud,

“Once Upon A Time”

there is a tiny bird nested by my room

a very small sound coaxes me to listen

I read that mama birds sing to their eggs

all the time.

I am hearing it now.

in times of shouting

i can only do what is in front of me

i can only remember

what i have outgrown

with its many pockets

where i left a memory in each

again i try my bow against a target

once more i reach for a star

too bright to hold, but i grab it nonetheless

stuffing it down to nestle

between my breasts

where i keep the keys

when I work out.

again i trust the universe,

simply throwing my overnight case

at it, trusting in all the rest

not giving an inch on my faith

tho i test the tension on the line.

there can be no assuagement to my guilt

i have turned away from that I thought to love forever

i have set down my phone under your picture

in hopes you will speak to me.

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