We No Longer Live in Lack


but in the fullness of love & a loving presence within ourselves & hovering just beyond. Our Higher Self is plugged in, checking the connection, watching the feed.

Anything good coming up? Something I can toehold onto here, & lift us up more? Get a glimpse of what my Higher Self is up to?

(I see her doing the same as me, yeh? Only on a classier level, like in white rooms. In fact, the Higher Selves? They’re hooked in together all the way to Source (think of all the plugs coming out of that Throne! 😊)

They’re all listening in this open channel. It’s what’s shaking Over There right now, I hear.

Who among you remembers a Party Line? I do.

Joe Dispenza says a heart in coherence thinks in pictures. Have you read the last dozen blogs where I write of someone going through my memories? Of the vivid pictures appearing – these are almost 3D – just add the energy of attention: watch it expand to re-experience. Many other resolutions can present themselves for consideration, but you need to blow right by these & arrive at the conclusion which took place in the reality where you currently reside (body & soul) (Later, & if so inclined, you can peruse these in detail.)

Let me borrow your mind a moment:

We are walking through Mordor. Each of us carries & uses a Ring of Power.

Where did your mind just go?

Over what would I yield – or wield – power? Only over the realms I now ‘control.’ I’m careful about acquisitions right now.

(Even after years, this thought sets off a tiny chime that rings the universe and sets my brain alert – ‘Let go.’  That old cosmic tug of war between yield & wield with its one letter switched & its “I” moved about.)

Does this make me a dumbbell? I mean, just to stay in balance, something must give. What am I willing to give for balance? Isn’t homeostasis where it’s all happening anyway? It’s where I aim to get to & be.

I know this is all [distastefully?] egoic. But please consider I only am focused on this avatar – oops – even as I type that, I know it not to be true. Perhaps 80/20? And even that shifts. For the purposes of this blog, it’s this me working it.

For some (SoMe!?) the pen is a magical wand. Tho not found in a toolkit, how many minds has it charged, how many thrones overthrown? The power in the pen is in both its use & user because, like any good tool that morphs to the shape of the hand, the use of all muscles, so does this tiny WMD.

I need to let go of the pen & see the people I am speaking to by faces, by gestures, by the energy exchange of universe giving in to giving us ourselves because we are finally allowing & acknowledging it.

“Nothing but nothingness” a seer says.

“Nothing unreal lasts” ACIM says

“Maya” a cultural belief

If you have an idea where this might go, please share it!



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